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Launch primary care records from within the Stratus timeline or any other compliant clinical system

What does Apollo Connect do?

Apollo Connect offers an instant and compliant method of accessing primary care patient records on demand from our huge network of connected GP practices and from all major GP systems.

Apollo Connect can be integrated into any clinical system that is able to make the call to the Apollo Connect service.

This supports both direct clinical care such as checking current medications, but can also support larger scale data extraction for care planning such as population health management.

Key Benefits & Features


Innovative ‘distributed edge’ architecture delivers rapid access to all four major suppliers of primary care systems across the UK.

Real time data transfer

Apollo Connect provides an instant connection service able to provide clinicians with access to primary care records using any other clinical system or shared care record viewer such as Stratus.

Seamless Integration

Apollo Connect presents a ‘one-click’ secure integration for clinical system users in hospitals, mental health and social care services to view the patient’s primary care record. Records can be accessed (as structured data) from all major GP systems including SystmOne and EMIS.

Stratus connection capability

When combined with Stratus, Apollo Connect completes the multi-care setting view of a patient enabling clinicians to provide faster decisions and better patient outcomes as they can see the entire patient record. Stratus provides a single timeline of patient records, from multiple data sources, within an organisation or across a region.

Providing GP data to create a single patient record

Wellbeing Software enables improved healthcare for over 2 million London residents, with data extracted from 360 GP practices.

How it works

The CCGs are participating in a programme called Whole Systems Integrated Care (WSIC), designed to unify fragmented and inefficient care provision across the boroughs, particularly for patients with long-term conditions.

The aim is to create a single record for each patient, using information from a range of care providers involved in an individual’s treatment. This not only enables a more joined-up approach to patient treatment, but also feeds into large-scale analytics engines for the development of more effective care and more precise risk management.

The collaboration sought a data management partner to extract patient information from hundreds of GP practices across the region for feeding into the WSIC service, 并将公开招标, with Wellbeing being chosen to be this partner.

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