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The most widely used RIS in the UK, fully ISO and IG compliant, with a new user experience

Over 700 locations, supporting over 200,000 users and 25 million imaging events per year

What Cris can do for you

Complete paperless workflow

With Cris all departmental workflows are covered from patient check-in through order comms to GP and patient feedback. Cris remains the most comprehensive product for managing your radiology workflows.

Scalable and secure

Cris is fully scalable, from single imaging departments to consortia and national installations. The architecture is 'secure by design' and is backed up by industry standard cyber security including IG and ISO certification.

Best practice with optimised workflow

Supported by active customer engagement, our radiology industry experts ensure that the product meets all relevant clinical and corporate standards. These include RCR guidelines for reporting, peer review and image sharing.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced user experience with new web modules.
Built by industry experts with unrivalled RIS workflow experience.
Managing more reports than any other RIS. Supports latest clinical guidelines, peer review and blind reporting workflows.
Cris has been doing full cross site RIS workflows including vetting and scheduling for years.
Proven integrations with all major PAS, PACS and EPR solutions.
Wide variety of specialist modules including nuclear medicine and obstetrics.

Cris Case Studies

View and download our latest case studies by clicking the links below.

Cris Communicator Improving Communications

Patient Attend

In response to the demand for more digital solutions that enable safer working practices during the pandemic, we introduced a series of new features to help organisations maintain or reset routine services. Patient Attend for Cris enables radiology departments to implement social distancing measures in line with COVID-19 guidelines. Patients can check-in for their appointments remotely and simply wait to be notified, removing the need to sit in a waiting room.

Cris Reporting

The very latest technology for reporting clinicians

A zero-footprint reporting solution providing the reporting clinician with granular control over the reporting workflow. Peer review, supervised reading and double blind reporting are all in-built features supporting RCR guidelines.

Cris Reporting is powered using work allocation rules and filters, easily controlled locally by the clinician or centrally by the departmental policies. Supports cloud-based VR solutions and enables radiologists to easily work from other locations with the same user experience.

Cris Vetting

Enables Radiologists to quickly apply protocols and justification for exams

Cris Vetting is the workflow for assigning protocols and justification for exams by radiologists. The module allows system administrators to electronically assign vetting requests to named clinicians. Predefined vetting protocols can be created and assigned to a particular event in the context of the examination being vetted and can be dynamically edited as required. The vetting list highlights bottle-necks in the workflow which enables proactive assignment or reassignment of work.

Cris Scheduling

Clear and sophisticated diary and booking solution with department view

The Cris diary provides administrative staff with the intuitive tools required to conduct fast and efficient booking. This uses drag and drop functionality for bookings across multiple rooms and sites. It supports diagnostic waiting times, clock start stops and displays breach dates. The module is highly configurable to accommodate complex rules to control booking of slots, for example inpatients and paediatrics. Latest developments include ‘whiteboard’ view and multi-day scheduling.

Cris Mobile

All the features of Cris that a radiographer needs on the move

Cris Mobile makes the radiographer’s job easier and faster using full paperless workflow on the move. Patients can be searched, identified and orders attended from around the hospital without the need to visit a Cris workstation. Cris Mobile is web based and device independent and therefore runs on most tablet devices. Features include full identity verification, room work lists, customisable safety forms with e-signature and post imaging documentation.

Cris Analytics

The Cris Analytics radiology dashboard provides targeted and real-time business intelligence for your department, providing key charts for monitoring departmental productivity and efficiency, full self-service analytics and chart building, including outputs to measure against the NHS Improvement ‘Model Hospital’ initiative.


Check-in Kiosks

Self-service kiosks are interactive digital touchscreens that patients use to carry out tasks without assistance. We offer a range of solutions that enable patients to easily check-in for their radiology appointments.

We are able to supply the software, which integrates with Cris, on its own or deliver it in conjunction with kiosks from Savience or InTouch. The cost of implementation is dependent on which models are chosen, with the kiosk provider offering a variety of styles including floor standing and wall mounted units.

We can also recommend Kiosks4business, who we have partnered with to provide stylish and robust kiosks to our customers.

Dose Monitor

DoseMonitor is an integration module that enables radiation dose data to be automatically fed into a RIS, alleviating the need for manual dose input and reducing data entry issues.

It enables clinicians to analyse information in both quantitative and graphical formats, allowing the Trust to manage a patient’s radiation dose and comply with regulatory requirements in a timely and effective manner.

AI Connect

Accelerating the introduction of AI into radiology

Our AI Connect gateway enables radiology departments to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their radiology workflow.

If you’re considering the adoption of AI into your reporting processes, our gateway provides a means of embedding your chosen algorithms into your reporting workflow, no matter what RIS or PACS you use.

In a recent survey of our extensive UK customer base, 85% of respondents highlighted the benefits of AI integration within RIS workflows, including its ability to support work management and report prioritisation, especially the notification of critical findings.

We have already helped to accelerate the introduction of AI into radiology at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, where our AI Connect gateway has been used to integrate’s red dot® prioritisation platform.

The algorithm, which connects with the Trust’s existing RIS, Cris, supports quicker image reporting by separating radiology studies into normal and abnormal categories in less than 30 seconds, based on more than 30,000 example images.

“A key piece to the AI puzzle for Radiology is automating the pull and push of diagnostic images based on the required rules for the specific AI service. And then managing the results or insertion of the amended images back to the PACS. Our recent AI development for CXR with would not be as efficient if not for the Wellbeing Software AI Connect gateway. Wellbeing Software have proven themselves time and time again to be real digital partners across radiology, maternity and wider. Great to have an extended team we can rely on!”
Neil Perry, Associate Director Digital Transformation, Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust

More strategic AI partnerships are in the pipeline and will be announced shortly.

Why choose Cris?

Radiology workflow and departmental management is ‘what we do’

We know radiology workflow

Both clinical and administrative workflows are our strength. Our specialist staff are industry experts and here to help your organisation succeed.

Latest technology

Ongoing major investment in our customer-driven product roadmap. Built by our large UK based product development team and delivered by our expert RIS project managers.

The Cris national network

As the UK's most widely used RIS we know how to deliver performant systems at scale. Cris integrates with all relevant third party solutions in use across your organisation.

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