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What is Evolution vLab?

Evolution vLab is one of the most flexible, multi-disciplinary LIMS in the world. Its single view of pathology workflow and patient data across diagnostics services transforms clinical decision making, lab operations and quality of care at scale​.

One login provides an innovative best practice approach to connected health, delivering unified pathology services unrestrained by geography.

Key Benefits and Features

System efficiencies

Provides improved transparency, business analysis and reporting while eliminating unnecessary duplication.

Quality of service

Reduces turnaround times with testing closer to the point of care and improves continuum of care with access to patient results from all sites.

Better decision making

Delivers true cumulative patient histories for better decision making and improves cross laboratory and inter-departmental communication.

Value for money

Reduces administration costs and overheads leading to better time management and system transparency.

Evolution vLab In Action

Unified Laboratory System for Whole State Health Services Provider

Over the last 25 years, Citadel Health has successfully completed numerous installations of the Evolution Virtual Laboratory System; from single laboratory sites, to the consolidation of multiple laboratories or pathology services, from disparate systems into a unified system.

The largest of these was a unified system to a whole of state health services provider – the biggest Australian based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The project involved consolidation of 34 laboratories from multiple disparate systems into a single, standardised LIMS.

The system supports over 5 million people serviced by 166 hospitals and 11,000 beds in an area of 715,000 square miles. The system, which continues to expand and improve today, supports access to daily transactions by over 50,000 clinicians.

Evolved Technology

Highly secure, single database solution​

Use one login to access information stored in a single, integrated database, reducing the need for middleware & IT overhead.

Evolved Pathology

Innovative multi-site pathology workflow

A single-view of pathology results ​across disciplines and sites​.

Evolved Research

Configurable features to adapt faster

Configurable features enables labs to tailor their own solution to meet increasing demands and complexities

Evolved Insights

Intelligent analytics & clinical reporting ​

Secure multi-site analytics gives a complete view of pathology data and activities on samples across multiple locations

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