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CHARM is an Oncology Information Management Solution that has been developed to support the multidisciplinary teams involved in the care of patients with cancer.

CHARM is oncology software capable of integrating with multiple applications used in both the public and private health systems and has been developed to comply with Health Level 7 (HL7) standards for electronic data exchange.

Oncology Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Wellbeing Software?

We have provided software solutions to healthcare providers for over 30 years. We have a presence in over 80% of hospitals and NHS Trusts who trust us to provide software that ensures an optimised, safe, and efficient patient journey through connected healthcare systems.

Our ability to build on and improve communications within existing solutions has enabled our software to be used across departments in one single organisation or across multiple neighbouring healthcare organisations. We give clinicians or multi-disciplinary teams access to valuable patient data when and where it is needed most to improve patient outcomes.

Who uses your Oncology Information Management Software?

CHARM oncology information management solution is currently used in both the public and private oncology healthcare sectors. Through our oncology software, all clinicians and health care professionals involved in caring for a patient with cancer are being provided with up to date, relevant information which complies with health level 7 standards for electronic data exchange to enable them to provide the best possible care to the patient.

How can efficiency and the safety of our patients be improved using your oncology software?

Highly specialised cancer care requires safe and efficient systems to be in place. Improved scheduling and coordination of patients in the oncology department when using the information management solution enables better workflow and frees up time taken on administration duties.

All the patient information necessary to care for the patient and for the safe administration of medicines is provided electronically with easy access for all healthcare professionals involved.

Nurses do not have to rely on handwritten charts for dosing and any changes can be updated easily and efficiently by the clinicians reducing the risk of errors from occurring. During multi-disciplinary team meetings, reliable and accurate information from pathology, radiology and radiation treatment systems can be seen, making for a timely and fully informed evidenced based clinical decision.

How can CHARM support our patients with cancer?

Your patients will benefit from a safer, more efficient and smoother patient journey. Effective systems and processes that underpin cancer care to your patients can be optimised. When using the oncology software solution nurses and clinicians will have more time to be able to go that extra mile to provide the individualised care that your patient is entitled to.

Medication can be safely administered and with the rich data captured on the medicine requirements the pharmacy department can ensure that the patient has timely access to oncology medicines and therefore reducing waste from over ordering unnecessary high cost products.

Can I request a demo of the software?

Requesting a demo of our Oncology Information Management Software is hassle free with our contact form and can give you an understanding of just how beneficial our system will be for your healthcare communication needs.

What other software solutions can you provide?

We are leaders in the field of specialist healthcare communications software. Our maternity information system Euroking has been trusted by healthcare professionals involved with patients during pregnancy for more than thirty years, enabling them to easily access all necessary records and information to deliver effective patient care.

You may also have come across some of our other highly specialised software systems: Our radiology information system Cris; Apollo data management services or our range of electronic health innovations providing electronic access to complete patient records through connected healthcare systems. Another new addition to our portfolio is the virtual online laboratory service EVOLUTION providing pathology services which can be accessed from any location.

Our interconnected specialised systems allows for an integrated healthcare system where healthcare organisations can work smarter and more efficiently.

A full list of our healthcare solutions can be found here. Wellbeing Software is a leading medical software provider – trusted by more than 80% of NHS organisations.

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